Senior Care: June is National Safety Month

Senior Care in Greenfield, IN There are a number of ways to approach the term “safety” with regards to elder care, but we’re going to look specifically at how to keep seniors safe in their homes and when driving. With June being National Safety Month, this is a great opportunity for families and caregivers to […]

Senior Care in Greenfield, IN – Elderly Sense of Smell

Our sense of smell is one of the abilities that helps us enjoy many things in our life. Because of smell we are able to taste. We can enjoy the delightful aroma of food cooking and the beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers. Smell can also alert us to something that might be hazardous such as […]

Senior Care in Greenfield, IN – Eat Avocados this Summer

Caregiving for a senior parent can really open your eyes to things you never knew before. While there are specific dietary needs and other healthy habits that are geared towards seniors, even middle aged adults like yourself can take advantage of knowing more about health in general. Many, if not all, of the healthy foods […]

Senior Care in Greenfield, IN: Halloween Safety for Seniors

Many seniors love Halloween because it gives them an excellent opportunity to interact with children, parents, and individuals throughout their neighborhood. What many people do not take into account is the fact that Halloween can actually present a very real safety risk to individuals that are in their senior years. There are multiple things that […]