Cold Weather Can Be Hard on the Elderly: Tips for a Safe and Warm Winter

Senior Care in Zionsville, IN Cold weather can pose safety and health risks for people of all ages, but even more so for the elderly. Seniors are more likely to be affected by cold weather-related illnesses and safety risks for a variety of reasons. Improper or inadequate heating sources, a decreased ability to regulate their internal […]

“Bless You!” Sneezing, Colds, and Things to Consider for Senior Care

Senior Care in Zionville, IN – Get Your Flu Shot to Protect Your Senior Loved One Providing senior care for an elderly individual is a great responsibility. The senior may have various health issues that they’re dealing with, a loss of muscle mass and strength, and maybe even a loss of balance. It is important, as […]

Elder Care in Zionsville, IN: Is Television Good or Bad for Seniors?

American senior citizens spend more time watching television than any other age group. Research has shown that the more hours seniors spend in front of the television each day, the more they increase their risk of dying earlier from cardiovascular disease or another health condition. Elder care doesn’t have to eliminate television from a senior’s […]

Senior Care in Zionsville, IN: Activities Yield Health Benefits

Activities will keep a senior busy and productive. There are many that you can choose to do with your senior that the senior will enjoy doing, and will be good for them mentally and physically. How do you know what type of senior care activities to choose for your senior? Choosing senior care activities: Going […]