Traveling with Your Senior Loved One and Their Pet: Plan Ahead

Elder Care in Zionsville, IN – Keep these Tips in Mind When Planning a Trip with a Senior Loved One and their Pet You are planning for a road trip with your 81-year-old mother. She wants to visit her sister in another state and you’ve decided to drive her on this trip. However, she is […]

Elder Care in Zionsville, IN: Is Television Good or Bad for Seniors?

American senior citizens spend more time watching television than any other age group. Research has shown that the more hours seniors spend in front of the television each day, the more they increase their risk of dying earlier from cardiovascular disease or another health condition. Elder care doesn’t have to eliminate television from a senior’s […]

How Water Aerobics Help With Elder Care in Zionsville, IN

Elder care is more than just being concerned with medications, doctor appointments and physical limitations; it is also about loved ones staying fit and enjoying life. And water aerobics can help with the staying fit and enjoying life aspect. It will keep your loved one’s joints more flexible, help to build muscle and improve balance. […]

Elder Care in Zionsville, IN: The Importance of Fiber

An important element of elder care is making sure that your aging loved one gets the proper nutrition that he needs on a daily basis. One of the key nutrients that he will need in order for his body to function properly and to maintain his ongoing health is fiber. Fiber is a critical nutrient […]