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Guiding Your Journey through Life’s Transitions

At GreatCare, we understand that aging can present challenges, anxiety and fear. Children of aging parents struggle withdecisions to keep their loved one safe and well, but also comfortable and content.

When it comes to dealing with age-related issues, such as coordinating the transition into assisted living or finding a caregiver to provide residential care, our licensed professionals will help you navigate through this time and make careful decisions that will positively impact your loved one.

Care Compass – will help you create a personalized service care plan for in-home care.


Dear Julie:
I am most impressed by the level of reporting and coordination provided by you and your staff. The client family is never left to guess or wonder concerning the status of their loved one. Family is always involved in updates on condition, and an active participant in decisions concerning treatment by medical professionals and emotional and physical welfare. Nothing is left to chance or suppositions. It takes a large measure of extra effort and time to serve in this way, but it is truly appreciated and makes a difference. This is especially true in those situations where a client is a resident of a care facility but is also the recipient of direct supervisory care from your firm.

Your staff is universally friendly and competent. They are a welcome and helpful presence in any environment. They generate a deserved level of trust that reassures the family as well as provides an excellent level of service to your client. You make difficult periods in the life of a loved one manageable for the family, and provide superior care to those you serve.

Robert C. Hagemier

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