Overcoming Senior Loneliness During the Holidays

As an in-home care services provider, Great Care understands the needs of seniors as the holidays get underway. Not only are there physical demands associated with adapting to the cold and ice, as well as winter health concerns. There’s also an emotional element to the holidays that can leave seniors feeling sad and lonely. “Some older […]

5 Steps for Older Adults to Take During Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment runs through Dec. 7, and Great Care is happy to share the National Council on Aging’s checklist to help those with Medicare and their caregivers evaluate their coverage. Across the country, folks with Medicare already have been bombarded with paperwork, sales pitches, and reminders, leaving many wondering where to start, says the council. […]

Parenting a Parent: National Council on Aging Works to Help Struggling Seniors

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) is looking to change perceptions of seniors and those with disabilities receiving public assistance with research and surveys. This month, the Council released “An End to Stigma: Challenging the Stigmatization of Public Assistance Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities” to better define the issue and provide recommendations for […]