National Eye Exam Month Focuses on Vision Health

The timeless metaphor that our eyes are the windows to the soul means so much more every August, during National Eye Exam Month. Our eyes play a major role in how we view the world, and how others can learn more about our health and well-being. As the school year begins each fall, Great Care […]

Psoriasis Action Month: ‘Set Goals, Take Control’

The National Psoriasis Foundation increases awareness about psoriatic disease in August, and Great Care joins in encouraging an active role in treating it. “With tremendous advancements in the number of treatment options available today for people living with psoriasis, now more than ever, it’s easier to treat psoriasis and the results can be life-changing,” says the […]

Healthy, Home-cooked Meals to Make Mom Proud

With new trends in better aging focusing on healthy eating for seniors, including adding more fruits and vegetables to diets, comfort food like Mom used to make can be as good for you as she promised. Moms always know best. “Mom always told us to eat our fruits and veggies, and we think taking that […]