Honor National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month, and Great Care joins the National Alliance for Caregiving in celebrating the selfless commitment of millions of Americans who care for loved ones. “This is a time to celebrate the contribution of those volunteer friends and family members who support a loved one with their health or managing a disability,” […]

Easy Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved One Get More Exercise

Home Care in Noblesville, IN Sometimes our elderly loved ones don’t get nearly as much exercise as they should. They don’t have to run a marathon, but moving even a little bit during the day can help a lot. Even if your loved one needs a little extra help, such as experienced elderly care providers […]

Home Care in Noblesville, IN – August 29th is More Herbs, Less Salt Day

What a wonderful way to celebrate a healthier lifestyle! Eating more herbs and less salt would be a big benefit to the health of most people. However, making changes in eating habits can certainly be easier said than done. A person must put in some thought and effort as well as time to make changes […]