Diabetes Supplies Shipped to Houston and Surrounding Communities

Great Care has been closely monitoring the devastation that Houston, Texas, and its surrounding communities have suffered in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall and subsequent flooding. Especially the concerning news involving the elderly and those in compromising health situations. We were relieved to hear late-breaking news from the American Diabetes Association that an additional 3,000 pounds of […]

Elderly Care in Zionsville, IN: What to Do When Your Loved One Struggles at Night

You talked about hiring elderly care for your mother and after some time, she was willing to consider this option. She didn’t want to leave her home, but her health was such that it made it difficult for her to remain safe within that home. You had been mentioning hiring an elder care provider for […]

What to Do When Elderly Care in Zionsville, IN is Too Much for You, or Your Loved One

Cara didn’t want to admit it, but she knew that providing elderly care for her mother was getting to be too much. She knew this for some time before she even brought it up with her friend and she was afraid of what it might mean. She didn’t want to let her mother down, but […]

Elderly Care After a Hip Replacement in Zionsville, IN

If your aging loved one has recently undergone hip replacement surgery, it is important that you establish appropriate elderly care measures to help your aging loved one through his time of recovery and rehabilitation. Hip replacement surgery is quite common; therefore patients generally do not spend more than 3 to 5 days hospitalized following such […]