Fresh, Sweet Corn is Ripe for the Eating

Great Care loves this season, when corn is fresh and readily available at farmer’s markets and produce stands. According to WebMD, “Corn is nutritious, providing fiber, which aids in digestion, plus folate, thiamin, phosphorus, vitamin C, and magnesium (about 10% of the daily value for each).” The World’s Healthiest Foods website reminds us that sweet […]

Healthy, Garden-Fresh Cucumbers for Summer

Great Care loves that cucumbers are in-season and nearly synonymous with summer, with many options to prepare them for healthy recipes. And, they’re great for the skin and tired eyes, too. “A cucumber is more than 95% water,” says WebMD. “A half-cup of sliced cucumbers has 8 calories and more than 10% of the recommended […]

Fruit Makes for Fresh, Healthy Summer Desserts

When Great Care thinks of healthy summer treats, fresh fruit plays a major starring role in the season’s biggest recipe blockbusters. From homemade cherry sherbert and naturally sweet apple butter-carrot cake muffins to grilled peaches with light cream and colorful frozen yogurt bark, the summer options abound. Especially when eating heart-healthy fruits that can literally save […]

Heart-healthy Summer Salads

The beauty of summer is that Great Care takes advantage of all the in-season fruits and vegetables that make salads taste so fresh. And the beauty of summer salads are that they’re healthy for the heart. For proper heart health, WebMD suggests eating salads to to consume “smart fats.” “Eating a little good fat (like […]

Healthy Spring Dishes for Easter

Easter dinner brings Great Care family members of all ages together to celebrate each spring. Many guests have special diets, and sometimes it can be a challenge to find Easter cuisine that tastes as good as it looks. We’ve found a sampling of dishes to make everyone happy at lunch, brunch and dinner time this […]

More Fruits and Veggies Boost Heart Health

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded its health claim for more fruits and vegetables, allowing the American Heart Association to now certify more foods as heart-healthy. Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet for seniors, says the nonprofit association, and Great Care agrees. “Great Care knows fruits, vegetables, and […]

Great Pumpkin Recipes for Seniors

Whether decorated for the holidays or baked in a scrumptious pie, pumpkin is a favorite during fall. Great Care loves that the orange-hued squash is a superfood that’s perfect as a key ingredient in healthy fall recipes. Mashed, raw pumpkin can be used in a variety of healthy recipes, as it is high in fiber […]

Healthy Spring Recipes for Seniors

As we welcome spring at Great Care, we look forward to making recipes with fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables including apples, peas, pineapple, asparagus, broccoli, radishes and rhubarb to keep our seniors and caregivers healthy. Rhubarb, a legendary favorite in pies and crisps, has many health benefits, according to Organic Facts. It has the ability […]